Conceptual and 3D design for production.

Design for the adaptation and integration of new electronic components in products. Customization of products for special needs.

Videogames and applications of Augmented Reality, Virtual and Mixed in products.

Development and integration of new technologies (IoT, Big Data ...).

Development of educational robotics

Therapeutic leisure for health.

e-Inclusion, social games and ICT.

Improvement of cognitive, physical, socio-emotional capacities using new technologies in disadvantaged targets.


AR Aplication Gaviota Simbac

An augmented reality application is developed, able to position any of Gabiota Simbac's products from a photograph, changing colors of frames, reading the technical file and connectivity with eCommerce for the request of a budget.

AR Aplication Palau Toys

The company provides added value to the traditional product. Along with the sale of the kitchen is accompanied by the download of an application of Augmented Reality. The goal is to combine the traditional toy with the introduction of the digital world.

Considered the Best Toy 2016.


KIBI TOYS is a very technological company. All its products are based on the application of technology on traditional toys.

The toy allowed through touch to stimulate different roughness of textures. The application of Augmented Reality strengthened the result.


GONHER is a manufacturer of symbolic imitation metal toys. Focused on the development of revolvers and pistols.

The incursion of the Chinese market forces to evolve its products. An electronics communicated with the trigger is developed, able to interact with a video game on a mobile phone / tablet through bluetooth.

ACTIU Virtual Reality

The company ACTIU develops office furniture. For its clients TOP wants to offer a Virtual Reality service that allows you to preview with Virtual Reality and in a realistic environment, how the furniture would be in the client's facilities. A VR Experience demonstrator pilot is developed.


The company expert in RFID tags, intends to open a new market. A drone is developed with the ability to read RFID tags for use in tents or long-distance parking.


The objective of the project is to transform the traditional toy into a Smart toy, based on the developments of the API4TOYS and CLOUD4TOYS projects.

The toy incorporates electronics and communication with mobile devices to interact with video games.

Accesorios y Resortes

The company wants to innovate its product. Internet of Things comes to the doors.

The IntLOCK system is an intelligent and keyless door locking system.

The system allows remote opening. The great advantage is that the door does not have marks and locks to force, everything remains on the inside of the house.